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ProductionsOne of our services is our bright ideas and details.

Presenters We provide you with a detailed price quote.

Programmes We care about the environment and our projects.

  • Music Production
  • Adverts of all kinds
  • Events Organizing
  • Launching of Programmes
  • Training & Hiring of MCs & DJs
  • Hiring of Musical Instruments for:
    Birthday Celebrations, Funerals, Weddings,
    Outdoorings or Naming Ceremonies ,Gatherings etc,



I would recommend your great services to anyone. I appreciate all your help and your passion for the environment."

- Potential Client Testimonial

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About Us

A unique radio station by a young entrepreneur with a sense of Ghanaian and other foreign cultures to deserminate great music and information to the world.

Sources Radio station is a new and dynamic great music provider through the airwaves and the internet located in Tottenham, London.DjSources will provide you with music from the Ghanaian culture to the other cultures all over the world. Log on to our website and listen to great music all day long!!!


Our Amazing Team

We specialize in getting businesses onto the Internet quickly and professionally. As a one stop provider you will find it easier than ever to gain the strong web presence every modern business requires; from design to brand development.

We are great to work with on projects.

We have great ideas that will benefit you.

We care about the environment a lot.